Team Productivity Checklist

Team Productivity Checklist - Ann RolfeIf you are a business owner, manager or team leader, you know that you’re responsible for every team-member’s performance and the total performance of the team. You want to get the best from each individual and you need your team to deliver results.

This checklist gives an at-a-glance guide to actions that will boost your team’s productivity.

The Impact of Strengths on Team Performance

Ever wondered if the effort you put into developing your people is worth it?  Download your copy of The Impact of Strengths on Team Performance below

5 Ways to Recognise Strengths

Strengths are the unique combination of talents, knowledge, and skills that every person possesses. Everyone has natural talents just waiting to be developed, but most people don’t know the breadth of talents they have.

Why We May Not See Talents in Ourselves or Others

Over the years, I’ve seen people discover their strengths and how it improves self-esteem, performance, productivity and teamwork.

If you can spot talents you can start building them into strengths, but it may be hard to see them. Here’s why …

Leadership Matrix

This quick diagnostic will tell you exactly what you need to do next to take your team to a higher level of performance. And that may be from good to great!

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